Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rock and Roll That ROCKS!

The Greater Good took the stage unassumingly as the crowd sat or stood in IOTAs waiting for their music to come on.

Cooper took his seat behind the drum kit, put on a pair of headphones and grabbed his drum sticks.

JR played with his microphone stand and unwrapped the microphone wire from it.

Aaron, Nolan and Taylor grabbed their guitars, plugged in, and got set.

Nolan found a spot for him and his bass behind Taylor and JR and in front of Cooper's drum kit.

Toby grabbed his seat behind the keys.

And then.


I was reminded of the part of the Foo Fighters video for 'Pretender' where the 'mystery fluid' shot out at like 80 miles per hour from behind the band.

With Aaron and Taylor on each side of JR in the front, with each song, The Greater Good, put out -

In your face
Dance on your feet

Where is Rock And Roll Today?

Rock and Roll is on tour right now in the form of 'The Greater Good' before their album launches on May 20.

The Greater Good list The Faces, The Beatles, The JAM The Stone Roses and Rod Stewart as being some of their influences for their sound, but The Greater Good have their own sound that's just raw and tight.

Check out their songs on their myspace page. If you want processed cheese music, stop reading this now.

But if you want to hear great rock and roll with a real band, you'll check out The Greater Good when they're in your area.

These guys are young, go for broke, rock and rollers.

Right now, The Greater Good are opening for Deep Blue Something on their tour that ends on March 14th in Austin, Texas.

You'll even find that members of The Greater Good 'cross-mojinate' and play on stage with Deep Blue Something. And, let me tell you this, Deep Blue Something has still got it. People singing along with their songs and Todd Pipes can REALLY play the bass. What a great instructional video that could be.

Whatever you pay for the show, it's worth it.

What's great also is that the band members are all accessible after their shows and hang out so you can talk with them and, you won't find more regular guys.

And, they bust on eachother.

These guys are like friends you played with in your neighborhood growing up where, in the summer, you played wiffle ball in the back yard, in the winter, you knocked on their door to go ice skating or play hockey with on the frozen pond, and during the school year, you ate lunch with them and you cut up about stupid stuff that's funny.

It's great to build a history with friends who get you and understand you.

Come and give The Greater Good their shot at being a part of your music present and future. And let their music mark various poignant moments in your life where you hear one of their songs and you are brought back in time to a memory you'll never forget..

These guys genuinely like eachother and after spending over an hour talking with them, and hanging out for about 4 hours in total, I can tell they're good guys getting started to leave their mark as The Greater Good.

They deserve that shot.

You'll find The Greater Good at:

And, their tour-mates, Deep Blue Something at: