Sunday, May 17, 2009

E. Joseph And The Phantom Heart

If you want to get back to your 80s Alternative Roots, 90s (non-grunge) Rock with a current sound, your search is over with E. Joseph And The Phantom Heart.

Their latest release is "All The Medicine In The World..." on The Beechfields label and was released in September, 2008.

I went to see these guys last night in Baltimore and it was a great show and the songs on the record and live are quite similar so, if you're a fundamentalist (ie: psycho) about the live needing to sound exactly like the record, then you're in luck. They sound great.

Rounding out The Phantom Heart are Mia Regalado on Bass and Backing Vox, Nick Porcaro-Drums and Snuttock on keys.

Listening to the songs and the vocals I'm reminded of The Triffids, The Mighty Lemon Drops, Echo and the Bunnymen, Psychedlic Furs, The Church, The Smiths, The Cure - and, these bands all had their 'hey-day' in the 80s/early 90s. HOWEVER, E. Joseph's songs have a timeless Rock/Pop sound that is enjoyable.

I'm sitting here at home going thru the disc and the whole disc you really can let run all the way through without saying - OH NOOOO, not THAT song!

Right now - after giving it 1 listen, standout tracks for me are:

Changing Trains
Pulling Me Under
The Red Line

Before "the haters" find their way to me for selecting just these 4 or not selecting others, it's ok - you should go out and buy this record.

EJ's voice and the backing vocals by Mia are a great match and, this girl can play a Wicked Bass Guitar. She's not just playing with this band for show and tell.

So - the promo:

1. Go to and check them out. And see if you want to let their music become a part of your 'inner-circle' of music.

2. Indie bands - LOVE - feedback....good or's like when we hurt or bleed....we're reminded that we're alive. Let E Joseph and The Phantom Heart know you've listened.

3. If you like their music, buy a cd or go to iTUNES and get the record.