Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Just Like Heaven - A Tribute to The Cure

With a music dream in one hand, and a Tax Refund check for less than $2000 in the other, Joe Spadaro started American Laundromat Records in 2004.

Now, about 4 and a half years later and over 10 releases to their credit, American Laundromat Records continues their run of putting out great records with the disc - Just Like Heaven - A Tribute to The Cure.

The 17 song (includes 1 Bonus Track) record features bands and musicians alike - The Poems, Julie Peel, Tanya Donnelly & Dylan in the Movies, The Wedding Present, and many more (see track listing and band listing below).

In my (that's me, the author here) opinion, "10:15 Saturday Night" by The Poems is one of the standout tracks - Joe shared this opinion when he first heard the song sent to him by The Poems,
"When Robert sent me this I was like you've gotta be kidding
me. This is unvbelievable. He really re-invented it. And
they turned it into this epic song. And it's just gorgeous."

01. Just Like Heaven performed by JOY ZIPPER
02. The Lovecats performed by TANYA DONELLY & DYLAN IN THE MOVIES
03. Lovesong performed by THE BRUNETTES
04. In Between Days performed by KITTY KARLYLE
05. Friday I'm In Love performed by DEAN & BRITTA
06. Jumping Someone Else's Train performed by LUFF
07. Boys Don't Cry performed by THE SUBMARINES
08. Close To Me performed by ELK CITY
09. The Walk performed by THE ROSEBUDS
10. Pictures Of You performed by ELIZABETH HARPER & THE MATINEE
11. Let’s Go To Bed performed by CASSETTES WON’T LISTEN
12. Catch performed by DEVICS
13. A Night Like This performed by JULIE PEEL
14. 10:15 Saturday Night performed by THE POEMS
15. A Strange Day performed by GRAND DUCHY (Violet Clark & Black Francis)
16. High performed by THE WEDDING PRESENT
Songs listed in this color/italics/etc...played on Independents Uncovered on Dec 8, 2008.
To purchase this CD or any others from American Laundromat Records....just find your way here: http://www.alr-music.com/shop.php
Joe also gets help from his wife and kids with putting things together so, know that he runs a good family operation and that the hands that are helping him are family.
We had a great show last night with Joe Spadaro as our guest and I thought so much of the interview and his record, I wanted to make sure I put this out there.
I may put some of the interview on here, but I dont know yet. We'll see.
Graphics/Art courtesy of American Laundromat Records.