Friday, May 23, 2008

Trop Rock Has Some New Goombas In Town!

The King of Rock and Roll?
Elvis Presley.

The Sultan Of Swing?
Mark Knopfler

The Queen of Rock And Roll?
Pat Benatar

The GodFathers of Trop Rock?

The first thing you need to do is get this album.
iTUNES, Download, Buy theCD, Whatever....just go and buy the CD.

The next thing you need to do is get yourself in a convertible on a nice dayand pop that CD or MP3 into your disc player in the car and DRIVE - but, in this green world we need to live in today, make sure that you have a placeto go and you have a carpool going - you know what I'm sayin?

Now.....Trop Rock is semi - new phrase that was arguably started by one of the leadsingers for THE YOUNG REBEL GOOMBAS - Goomba Richie Saccente.

Let's go through who the Goombas are:

Goomba Richie
Goomba Kevin
Goomba Cosmo
Goomba Uncle Bee
Goomba Randy

Sharing vocal duties - hu hu....i said duties....-ommmm ok - sorry, guy-joke...

Sharing Vocal Leads are Goomba Richie and Goomba Cosmo.

And, of course the rest of the guys are on backups as needed.
Some of the songs on the record:
Daydream Smile - with it's sounds of the beach are great.
Summer Whine - A nice, occasionally wailing sax sound provided by RichieCannata - for those of you playing at home, Richie Cannata has played with fellow Long Islander - Billy Joel and Elton John and another band known only as - The Beach Boys.
Ignition Remix - This is a cover of R Kelly's song, but make no mistake....this isn't a sound for sound/word for word adaptation. OHCONTRARE MONFRARE!
This song absolutely knocks you out the house.
It starts off with the guys jokin' around "Are you ready...." and I instantly thought of the song Daydream Believer and the in studio banterbetween the guys and here we are....Ignition Remix and you think you're in a1970s Cadillac Convertible in mint condition with a ZZ TOP Signature Key-chain dangling from the starter of the car.

The bouncing front end is optional. :)

Goomba Richie said it best when he told me, "It just had to get on the album. I would just pick up my guitar and here I had this version of it andit needed to be on the disc."

Sing-A-Long - you have got to grab Goomba Richie and ask him how he recorded the vocals for this song because he just HOME-RUNNED IT! If I were to do a video for this song I'd have a string of Cadi Convertibles at the beach and the Young Rebel Goombas playing in one and everyone surrounding them in bikinis dancing to their music. Of course we'd have a few token guys, but, let's face it....bikini's have been known to sell music.

It's awesome having guys just bust on each other.....and, that's what Goombas do.

And, what family's do you know that dont exchange some "high volume" discussions from time to time too?

Goomba does mean family to these guys and I've spoken with Goomba Richie a few times and Goomba Jake and had the Goombas on our show a few times to boot.

Number 1 - These guys are great guys.
Number 2 - These guys know how to play music
Number 3 - They've started a new music genre called Trop Rock and no one can deny them their place in Rock History - especially when they're the first ones to bring us Trop Rock - AND COIN THE PHRASE.

Pick up their music. Get to one of their shows this summer. Or, better!

Each song is great and, the last time I could say that about a record (aside from Boston's first album) was the album 'Laughter' by The Mighty Lemon Drops(circa 1989).
And.....not since the band THE OUTFIELD in 1985 have we heard an entire album that just bursts at the seems giving us the sounds of summer.
If you want to experience the sounds of summer 365 days per year.....Pick up the Young Rebel Goombas CD.
You'll be glad you did.
The Young Rebel Goombas are doing a weekly spot on our show called "Ask The Goombas" so be sure you tune in by 10 PM EST (Virginia USA Time) so you can hear their music and hear them answer your questions.