Monday, December 17, 2012

Dream Pop meets Garage Rock and Scores!

When you have a new album full of dreamy-crashing guitars, driving basslines, reverb, feedback and a true commitment to melodic pop, you're listening to the soon to be released Sell Your Memories by Fonda.

Sell Your Memories starts off with the cinematic sounding anthems, Seeing Stars and You've Got A Life Of Your Own - two songs that easily could find airplay on stations that also (over)played Silversun Pickups - Panic Swich or The Black Keys - Lonely Boy.  She Is Real, a downtempo gem practically begging for an appearance in a romantic comedy sees both David Klotz and Emily Cook taking turns on lead vocals, rounds out my Top 3 on this album.

Fonda's upcoming album Sell Your Memories puts you in a cauldron of dream pop melancholy and absorbs you to the point where you can't recover from the euphoria.
My Album Top 3
1.  You've Got A Life Of Your Own
2.  Seeing Stars
3.  She is Real

Quick hits
- A Million Dreams from Here haunts me as its sound seems to touch on a riff reminiscent of a song by The Mighty Lemon Drops...former Fonda guitarist Dave Newton's band. It's from the album World Without End or Laughter.  I just cant pull it out of my brain yet....but I will, and I'll update this posting!
- Emily Cook's vocals on Moving Forward  reminds of Blondie's Debbie Harry
- You Make My Life So Extraordinary - reminds me of East River Pipe
- The chorus of She is Real sends me back to the 80s and The Alan Parsons Project song Time.
-  Put Fonda on the bill with The Ocean Blue and The Orchids (Glasgow band) with special guests The Pains of Being Pure At Heart and you'll have the making of Dream Pop Heaven.

Review:  HELL YEH!
Information about Sell Your Memories by Fonda
Album Purchase Information:
Record Label: US Minty Fresh
Fonda is:  David Klotz and Emily Cook