Saturday, June 7, 2008

Shane Cooley - Live!

Oh - to be 20 years old again.

When I turned 20, it was between my sophmore and junior year of college.

Having a dream and following your heart......yeh - I like that.

Shane Cooley is out there touring this summer in various places like Florida, Virginia, New Jersey, and, hopefully - Toronto Canada and supporting his latest release - Whirlpool.

It's funny saying that his sound matures - but how can it not as he goes from album to album and grows musically and also in his life.

New experiences.
Loves found.
Loves lost.
Love's moments forever etched in his mind.

I won't bore you with some long winded explanation of his songs or his sound, but I will tell you that Shane had a crowd around him around the stage at Celebrate Fairfax - all people he did not know - so I hope this is a sign of good things to come for him.

And, I met his family. How great is that. Family - supporting their son/nephew/etc... How awesome.

This photo is of Shane belting out my favorite song of his - My Asbury Park. And, whether he's playing this song with his band or acoustic - it's fantastic to hear him sing and play.

Go check out Shane's music at:

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