Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Don Caballero and Ponytail

I went to IOTA's last night with Mike - our very own Mike who brings us Donohue's Music Den every week.

So, we arrive as the opening act - Ponytail - was playing and Molly Siegel was belting out sounds that made me think of Bjork. Basically - the spoken word doesnt matter - its the music and the sound of the voice that count. - Think Psychic TV.....or, at least, that's what I did. The vocals are an additional instrument here.

So, while I don't typically listen to this type of music, I was open to it and, in the end, I thought that Ponytail's show was better than Don Caballero.

Don Caballero performed for about 50 minutes. And.....when they all walked off the stage.....I didnt know they were done. People stood around for awhile inside IOTAs - and there were probably about 50 people maybe more there......and I couldnt believe that there wasnt anymore. My gut tells me that a headliner plays for more than 50 minutes, but hey - I dont know what the deal was there.

Don Caballero's performance, for me, can be characterized as - mostly music....some vocals.....AND NO ONE WAS IN SYNCH with eachother.....

Mike and I just kinda kept looking at eachother like.....something was off....and, it was all of them.

Mike said to me.....I know what they're trying to do.....which would be good......but......they're not in synch.

So.....Don Caballero.....I dont know what you typically sound like so I have to be fair to you.....but, if you walked out of IOTAs thinking that you werent at your best and this was your first show and you're still working some stuff out....that's cool and good luck the rest of the way.....but.....I think some more rehearsal time is needed on your music.

If you want to read the article in the washington post about this tour, check in with this link for the washington post:

And, Don Caballero is touring with only 1 day off from August 19 - Sept 6. Good luck.

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