Monday, July 26, 2010

Jamie Hoover and Steve Stoeckel - 1st IN THE GRAIN PERFORMANCE

In April, 2010, Jamie and Steve met up with Mike and John from Independents Uncovered and recorded this very special and VERY FIRST Podcast of our program "IN THE GRAIN."

Some quick hitting comments about this podcast
- Amazing harmonies
- Incredible how they play together
- Great Songs "Emily's Ghost sets the tone"
- You have to hear the banter between Jamie and Steve

My experience with Jamie and Steve...I can only say that these guys are smart, as enthusiastic about their music as ever, and 2 super-nice people. So awesome were they that Mike and I went to the Chad and Jeremy show and met up with them. Just class acts who put a premium on great music and making sure that the music they put out is great.

If you're serious about music as a listener or a performer, you absolutely need to listen to this.

AND, thanks to Jamie and Steve for making this podcast available for free download. All copyrights to the songs belong to Jamie and Steve.

Link up with Jamie and Steve at their facebook page and thank them for making the podcast available to all of us:

To download the podcast, click here and you'll be redirected to the DIVSHARE Website to download the podcast.

To just play the interview, click here.


Izzy said...

Amazing, effortless performances by two truly gifted and charming men. Bravo!

John said...

Izzy - AMEN to that. You are so right!