Monday, March 21, 2011


Review: HELL YEH!

OH LIBIA is a band from Spain whose recent album release OH LIBIA! (this link takes you to their page to stream the whole album) has really found a home in my mind and ears.

The first song on the album is Open Graves (link takes you directly to the song) and within 1 second of this song….I WAS HOOKED!…the album…this band. I love it when an album kicks off with a song that reminds me of how Lethal Weapon 2 began – with Mel Gibson running. That was a great movie and this is a great album.

Words I would use to describe OH LIBIA’s debut:
- Dreamy
- Psychedelic
- Mysterious
- Garage
- Rock

Other stand-out songs for me, right now, are All Lost Out, Half Words, Last Friday Girl and Seventeen.

J.T. Prewitt and Victor Ramirez formed OH LIBIA in 2008 and, after recording about 40 demos, they hit the road and found themselves in a club in Paris where Ken Stringfellow (The Posies, The Disciplines, Big Star, The Minus 5, REM) was hanging out. Ken has been producing for a long time, so, while I’m only guessing (pontificating if you must know), he stayed out of the way of the music and enhanced it with all of his experience recording and by joining in on the songs on various instruments and backing vocals.

All I can ask for from an album is to keep me interested for the whole thing. And this album does that...bouncing between tempos mid-song and from song to song. Song vary in length and never seem too long - and occasionally, too short. But, when a song is "too short" it's because I want more, so, it's easy to click on 'replay' and that solves that dilemma - HA!

I’ve circulated OH LIBIA among a few folks I know and have heard phrases like: “sonically dense” or "really enjoyed it" to describe their sound to “I didn’t really like the vocals.”

Lia Pam – has a few harmonies that remind me of a Queen song – killer queen
Daniel Biscuits – A little Bob Dylan sound to it
Anxiety Sickness – newly presented OOhhs and AAAhhs reminding me of The Moody Blues
Half Words starts off with a "trippy" Merry Go Round sound and then jumps head first into a great rock song.

"Can't Get Enough (like me) of OH LIBIA" you say? Check Out The below Links:
About the band OH LIBIA
Bandcamp Site to Stream the Album - OH LIBIA!

Facebook Group Page

Videos posted on YOUTUBE:
Of Note - Victor and J.T. make these videos and it's interesting how they work with the songs. It's a gift of love for their music and understanding that music really is visual and open to interpretation...even from the band. They hope you enjoy them.
Daniel Biscuit
Lia Pam
GR New Cross

I'll have some interview question and answer with Victor and J.T. in the coming week! WOOT!

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