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East River Pipe - We Live In Rented Rooms

Review: HELL YEH!
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F.M Cornog - East River Pipe - doesn’t tour.
He doesn’t play live for an audience.
He works hard to make sure his albums are worth your time…because it’s not just recording the songs…it’s mixing in all the tracks…or removing tracks from what will make up the final track list for the cd.

Barbara [FM Cornog’s wife] and I whittle it down to our favorite 15 or 20 songs, then we drive around for months listening to various configurations of those songs, until something clicks. Then, when I'm utterly sick of those songs, I know the album is done.” - East River Pipe Facebook Page

Music is personal.
It’s personal for the songwriter and it’s personal for the listener.
The songwriter is putting thoughts together based on what life has tossed at him/her or a pre-determined story line with characters…who most likely are from their real life.

The listener inserts himself/herself into the song or tries to play the $2 Psychiatrist…deciphering what the songwriter has written and chosen as the music backdrop for the song.

Or, the songwriter has hit really close to him…closer than ever thought possible by the listener.

The Flames are Coming Back is a great song and right now, my favorite on East River Pipe’s – We Live In Rented Rooms.
i built a little home here for my girls
beneath the ancient trees
i got a little job tried to change my life
i got down on my knees
but listen
the devil always cons you to play
the devil always likes it that way
the flames are coming back
baby cant you see
the flames are coming back

These lines resonate within me because, as a father, who tries to live life simply, there’s heartache here….trying to bring a good, simple, and normal life for his family…and yet, the past is always there…ready to suck you back in. - At least, that’s my take on it – and my inner narcissist - because, hey, music is personal for each person.

When asked about detailing/providing background on his songs, Cornog says - "Rather than sit on the shrink's couch and explain what these things mean to me, I'd rather let you and other people come to your own conclusions. I truly believe that whatever a person feels is valid, and doesn't need my input. Sometimes I'll think one of my songs is about a certain thing or things, and then Barbara will give her slant on it, and I'll say, "Ya know...You're right." Sometimes the meaning of a thing is a mystery even to it's creator. And sometimes...there is no meaning. Sometimes a thing just "is"...and there's no more to it than that." East River Pipe Facebook Page

Other stand out tracks here are:

Backroom Deals – I’ve come up with a pretty decent music video idea for this one…which proves how great a song is…giving images and video ideas
Cold Ground – great music and sound and then the lyrics bring you back to the stark reality of some lives.
I Don’t Care About Your Blue Wings - for some reason brought me back to the early 80s and my walks down the street to the local pizzeria to play arcade games or when our family would drive into Queens to visit family.
When You Were Doing Cocaine - this song and I’m instantly reminded of Adam Levy’s “I shot her down” or Johnny Cash’s “I shot a man in Reno…just to watch him die.” Not because of the sound or music but because of the bluntness of the entry into the song.
Three Ships - closes this 10 song run with hope in the music…hope in the lyrics…until the final verse….feeling as if I’m left with nothing.
Conman – there’s a great article written about this song here:
In My Personal Song Purgatory (I still don’t have an opinion on it yet): Payback Time

Some Songs I’m not keen on right now
(and, I reserve the right to let these songs grow organically within me over time):
Summer Boy – seems to move too slow for me at this time in my life
Tommy Made a Movie – Too synth driven for my tastes

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