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The David Wilcox Show on Thursday, March 6, 2008

Folks - you have no idea what you're in for here.

I mention the following when sharing David Wilcox's show with you all:

- Twisted Sister
- Happy Days
- Quiet Riot
- Wookie
- and Much Much More

So, give it a read.


Armed with the same excitement as a 17 year old who just got his drivers license and a new car, David Wilcox walked out on stage with a big smile and welcomed everyone in the audience into his home with his music, his stories, and his humor.

It was my 2nd time attending a show at the Barnes at Wolftrap.

My first show was great. I sat in the back for the opening act – Sabrina Dinan – and then was invited up to the front row by none other than Luka Bloom himself.

Now, he didn’t call me by name, but, he did say anyone in the back row who wants to come up front, come on up.

Funny. I was kind of hoping I’d have the same experience with David Wilcox.

But, I didn’t – And that’s ok because, each experience should be different and unique.

David came out laughing and smiling to us all and now that I’ve had a few days to think about what he shared with us about his family, himself, he made a remark that I believe pulls together the experience at the concert.

He talked about being in a national forest and seeing the light in the window of the Airstream Trailer. And, it was his home for 2 years.

I feel like we were all David Wilcox – all of us in the audience…..and he was that light inside that Airstream Trailer that he saw in the distance.

This was my first David Wilcox concert and, I walked in, saw the sign that the show was sold out, and got my ticket that I pre-ordered the week or 2 prior. My seat was in the middle about halfway back.

After getting my ticket, I walked into the area where they were serving some food and some drinks.

I grabbed myself a couple of beers and proceeded to find a seat.


But what’s great about the barnes is that you grab a seat on the floor and there’s other people on the floor.

Keep in mind that there are seats and tables too, but, there’s the floor too.

I kind of felt like Bill Murray in the movie Caddyshack and being told by Chevy Chase that I should swim in ‘the pond’ – hahahaaha – but I digress.

I met a group of 4 people and Jason – if you read this – I had your card. Lost it. Found it again. And then lost it and this time, I really think it’s gone. I put it in the proverbial “place where I know I won’t lose it.”

So, me with my papers and pen, Jason’s girlfriend introduced herself and Jason picked it up by intro-ing the rest of the gang.

We had a nice conversation.

I love meeting new people and this group of 4 were all nice.

After talking a bit, the lights dimmed a couple of times letting us know to get into our seats because David was coming.

Now – I’d read on the internet somewhere that David Wilcox was known to come out sometimes and do tributes to his favorite glamrock bands of the 80s –
- Twisted Sister
- Whitesnake
- Nelson

So, I was thinking – wow! A singer/songwriter who does this stuff. AWESOME!

Ok, that was a joke. Sorry if you bought into it.

Anyway – I was going to write about each song he did, but, that would take away from the experience of seeing David live.

He shared stories about his family and their 2 year trip and at one point pulled out an acapella song about bone mass growing inside Nanc’s leg that had broken in 5 places. And, as he sang it, I started thinking of the song by Potsie when he was in college in an episode of Happy Days called “Pumps Your Blood” – or something like that. But, it was funny. Very funny.

He jokingly referred to himself as a “car whisperer” with his car songs.

He talked about biking in France and coming to a T in the road and for the first time not knowing where to go until a truck moved from it’s spot and he commented that he didn’t know where to go because he was he was at his destination.

Which reminded me of the song by Luka Bloom – where ever you go….there you are.

David finished with 1 encore song – the song that I first heard when Christina Crerar introduced his music to me. Eye Of The Hurricane.

It’s funny, but, he also talked about what a successful marriage is to “Start With the Ending is the best way to begin.”

How great it was to have David to bring me his beautiful music and close with the song that I started to enjoy him with.

Throughout the show David laughed, smiled, and shared himself with us.

And, I started thinking about the Singer/Songwriter relationship with the audience vs. the relationship that a band like Quiet Riot would have with their audience.

It’s definitely different.

It’s intimate.

The audience wants to know what the inspiration is for the music and to learn more about the singer/songwriter to see what makes them tick vs with a band like Quiet Riot, the fans typically want to hear about the drinking stories and the partying etc….. It’s different.

And, I wonder if there’s an anonymity that singer/songwriters throughout the land feel they have to keep sharing and keep sharing and share some more.

I read on David’s face that this is a man happy to do what he’s doing.

He loves his wife and his son Nate.

He loves to play guitar for people and audiences.

He will leave his guitar on the stage for us to see at the end of the show.

He had some writings there – but I don’t know if it was his set list, some words to songs to remind him or just words of encouragement.

If a quarterback can wear a list of plays on his wrist, why not have information taped to an indestructible guitar.

David gave us 24 songs without an intermission and everyone had the opportunity to buy some CDs at the end of the show, but, I was expecting to see him there too.

As a fan, I was a little disappointed, but, I have to remember that going on tour and singing at all these places takes a toll on a voice so, no harm – no foul there David. J

Someone asked me to rate the show for them and…..well……I’m not a big fan of that. You either Liked It or you Didn’t Like it.

I liked it.

But, my friend pressed me for a rating.

So, I told her – “I give it 4 wookie cries” and proceeded to cry like Chewbacca 4 times.

“What was that!?!?!?!?!” – she asked.

“That was your rating for the show.” I said.

Her response was – paraphrased because she just used more words than this review has – hahahahahahahaahah – (I’m funny) – “why can’t you just give me a real answer.”

To which I responded, “Do you want 4 more wookie cries?”


Maybe this was the calm before my impending storm – hahahaahaha.

David – can I grab a ride in the eye of the hurricane?

And, 4 Wookie Cries to anyone who reads this.

** PS **

If you see any typos, or grammar or verb tense issues. It's ok. You don't need to let me know. :)

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