Monday, March 17, 2008


I walked out from my radio show to this as I left the JC building last night from my radio show - a bit frustrated for my guests and me.

I expected things to go great - and they did - but, I couldnt get the lads from Braintoy on or Celeste Starchild.

And, then, I arrived upon this so i took a picture of it.

While I'm not going to say the war is bad or good/right or wrong I will say, that my frustrations dropped quite a bit after I saw it. So much so that I stopped to take this picture.

And then, I came home, pulled out my guitar and began playing along "what about everything" by Carbon Leaf.

You need to listen to this song.

If you don't own it, go to iTUNES and spend the 99 cents on it. It's more than worth it.

I am not in need.


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