Thursday, April 3, 2008

Glen Phillips and Jonathan Kingham

I went out last night with my friend Tina to see Glen Phillips (Lead Singer Toad the Wet Schprockets) and Jonathan Kingham.

We had a fun time.

Jonathan and Glen were out front before the show selling their latest and greatest music and, I struck up a conversation with Jonathan before I recognized who he was.

When I met him, he reminded me of a guy I worked with - John Dawson - and just one of those nice, gentle people you meet.

We couldn't talk long but we instantly connected while we spoke.

I introduced myself - later I would find out his Grandfather and I share the same name. He did too.

And we talked about music, the people who were there, etc...

Eventually he had to go - because, well, he's performing - ahahahaah.

Jonathan did about 5 songs I think and one - was priceless.

He did a song called - Every Little Step by Bobby Brown and he threw my name out there as being an older College Student he'd just met.

It was funny. He was funny. And, really good with the song.

He went Freestyle and threw in his own lyrics that have everyone laughing.

At the end of the night, I spoke with him for a few minutes and I brought up luka bloom's I Need Love and Jonathan knew EXACTLY what I was talking about.

That was good.

Glen was good too.

He was up there playing his outside of TtWs Songs and he whipped out a few Toad the Wet Schprockets songs. Jonathan joined him on guitar for a good chunk of the night.

How'd it feel?


My friend Tina yelled to Glen to take off his shirt - which led to Glen adding a few funny comments. Tina and her friend Terri are known for yelling "Take off your shirt!" "Take Off Your Pants!" at shows like this - or at bars. So, this was not something new Tina was doing - hahahah.

I met a nice 24 yr old girl at the show also - Jehan I believe her name is. She said she'd become our friend on Myspace and listen to the show.

That's cool.

All in all. A good time. A good nite.

Give these guys a little love by finding them
Here for Jonathan

And, Here for Glen (note, Glen and Toad the Wet Schprockets will be in Alexandria, Virginia on June 14)


PS - Yes, I know that I did a play on the spelling of Schprockets. If it was a big deal to you, then I can only say this: Lighten Up Francis

Go check out our myspace at and friend us....before we friend you - haahaha.

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