Wednesday, April 16, 2008

When A Singer/Songwriter "makes it"

I'm the distro list for the venue - Rams Head Tavern in Annapolis, MD.

I got an email notification about some shows going on there and one of the performers is Shawn Colvin.

I've seen her on the CBS TV show '2nd Cup Cafe' or something like that and seen her on TV and heard her Sonny Came Home song (which I believe is an homage to Sonny Bono going home to Cher).

Just kidding.

So, here's a photo from the Rams Head Tavern Ticketing Page for Shawn Colvin the cost of the ticket is $55.

Fifty Five Dollars.

That's.....Fihf - Tee Fi-v-uh Dah-lerzzz

Ok ..... it's $55.

Now - What I'm about to write, may be harsh and I won't ask you to forgive it, because - it's my opinion. And, my opinion and your opinion are - JUST THAT.


However.....I'm not driving an hour (on a good day in DC area traffic) to see Shawn Colvin.

I'm not going to spend the cash on gas, mileage, wear on my car and all that good stuff to go see her and spend $55 for the ticket PLUS whatever I buy there. That's just too much for me.

And, maybe if I were into her music more I would consider it, but, I cant do $55.

Is this why some fans get tired of musicians?

Shawn is in her early 40s so, her fans have grown older with her and hopefully she's picked up some new ones along the way. But, sadly, I guess I'm at the point where I'm rating musicians and movies, and food, the amount of money I spend to _____ them.

And, if people will pay 3.50/gallon for gas....they'll pay $55 to see Shawn....but, because I'm not a fan (yet), I cant say I'd be able to go for it.

And, I'd have to be a hard-core fan to go.

Does this make me bitter? Or - the dreaded - "OLD!!!!!" ?

I dont know.

And, I just thought about opinions/opining/etc....and, came up with this definition about opinions:
So…opinions are like bunyons.Or…hemorrhoids.Or foot odor….yeh…foot odor.

We all have foot odor and no one wants to smell our feet, but, when we take those shoes off…they have no choice.

So, that’s what this woman did. She took her shoes off and her feet stunk.
And, you didn’t want to smell it.

David Wilcox's show was like $25/ticket and it was at the wolftrap barnes and, well....the wolftrap barnes is 100% better than Rams Head in Annapolis - for many reasons (starting with the sound and the stage).


I think my rant is done.

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